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Butalco is a start-up company founded in August 2007 with headquarters in the Swiss cantone Nidwalden. Founders are Eckhard Boles, professor at the Institute of Molecular Biosciences at Goethe University Frankfurt/Germany, and Gunter Festel, founder of the Swiss advisory and investment firm FESTEL CAPITAL.

We have a world leading technology for optimising yeasts used in the production of bioethanol, biobutanol and other biochemicals. To increase the yields and productivity in bioethanol, biobutanol and biochemical production, we are currently developing a new process to use C5/C6 sugars in fermentation, which is still a bottleneck in the production chain. Furthermore, we are working together with partners to develop an integrated lignocellulose-based bioethanol/biobutanol production process.

Our technology is now mature enough to be commercialised on a global basis. We are in the phase of a second financing round and are hence looking for potential investors and partners to help us to realise this step.








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