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Benefit of Biofuels






Biofuels have many benefits compared to other renewable fuels and are likely to be the number one alternative in the coming years.


Benefits of Biofuels

Biofuels have a great benefit compared to other renewable alternatives since some, such as bioethanol and biodiesel when blended with petrol or diesel, can be used in conventional combustion engines and others, such as biobutanol, can replace fossil fuels up to 100% without modifying the engine. This implies that normal infrastructure such as petrol stations, traditional car mechanics and, in the case of biobutanol, existing pipelines can be used. Therefore, biofuels can be used in both the current and a potential future energy platform. The step to change from fossil fuel to biofuel is hence smaller than for a change to a system dependent on, for example, electricity or fuel cells. Other benefits of biofuels are that they lead to a higher security of supply, higher national added value and an increase in income for rural regions.










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