How To Get Rid Of Prednisone Weight

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Butalco assesses and develops new production processes for second generation biofuels and biochemicals with competitive production costs and high efficiency. Our core technology is to genetically optimise yeasts to enable increased yields in bioethanol, biobutanol and other biochemical production. We solely focus on this bottleneck technology and have licensing as our main business model.


Our Business Model

  • we focus on bottleneck technologies for next  generation biofuels and biochemicals
  • we have a very strong technology position  owing to several core patents
  • we have an out-licensing and non-production based business model
  • we are working together with partners to develop integrated production processes

The Technology

  • we develop technologies for production of biofuels like butanol and biochemicals
  • our core technology is based on genetically optimised industrial yeasts
  • our technologies can be used to improve existing industrial production strains
  • we develop C5 technologies for increased productivities and yields

Advantages of Biofuels/Biochemicals

  • reduce the dependence on petroleum based fuels and chemicals
  • are clean, sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • reduce green house gas emissions and
    reduce global warming
  • increase the security in energy and chemical supply

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